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  • Google is Reportedly Working on an Android Wear App for iOS

    Although the Cupertino, California-based Apple is in its own little world preparing the Apple Watch for launch this month after the March 9th 'Spring Forward' event, Google reportedly has a trick of its own up its sleeve.

    MacRumors has the scoop on a translated article by French Web site iPhon.fr that seems to share some detailed information about Google's intentions to release an Android Wear application for iOS devices, meaning that iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users would have a choice to use Apple's proprietary software and hardware with the Apple Watch, or to jump over to Google's own wearable and still use their beloved iPhone.

    How soon could this happen? The report says some time in May, although anything is technically possible. Hopefully the launch of the Apple Watch will spur a quicker time of release.

    The possibility of competition in the wearable market for iOS device users means that those using iOS devices will have a better chance of Apple stepping up their game in future versions of the Apple Watch. It also gives those that prefer the look and feel of Google's wearable over the Apple Watch a chance to use what they want instead of what Apple imposes.

    Since this would be accomplished through a third-party App Store application, however, this means that the functionality would be limited in comparison to Apple's proprietary software, which integrates deeply with the heart of iOS' functions at their core.

    Sources: iPhon.fr via MacRumors
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    1. eprisencc's Avatar
      eprisencc -
      I have been waiting for this. Oh yeah!
    1. DQEight's Avatar
      DQEight -
      Quote Originally Posted by eprisencc View Post
      I have been waiting for this. Oh yeah!
      I would have bought an LG G Watch last december for like 80 bucks if I knew this was incoming.

      Ah well, now I have an Omate Truesmart.
    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -
      I really hope this happens, I'm loving the grown up/rugged look of some android wears offerings.