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  • Apple to Begin Hiring its Security Guards

    As the tech world continues to move away from its dependence on contract workers, Apple is following suit when it comes to security.

    According to an exclusive from San Jose Mercury News, Apple has reportedly resolved to "dramatically expand" the scope and size of its in-house security team, moving away from the contracted security services it has long depended upon.

    The new hires, we're told, will be given the same attractive benefits enjoyed by other Apple employees.

    The decision wasn't made on a whim, however, as the report notes that Apple conducted a year-long review before opting to bring its security team in-house.

    "We will be hiring a large number of full-time people to handle our day-to-day security needs," an Apple rep is quoted in today's report. "We hope that virtually all of these positions will be filled by employees from our current security vendor and we're working closely with them on this process."

    Apple is believed to have secured most of its contract security labor from Security Industry Specialists, a group that has come under fire from some in response to the firm's allegedly poor treatment of its workers.

    Source: Mercury News
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    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Bravo Apple! You'll definitely have better performing guards now and maybe they'll earn a decent living and have better benefits then they had before. Guard companies truly treat their guards like cattle.