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  • Apple, Samsung No Longer Dominant Tablet Titans

    What's true of the smartphone space is not true of the tablet world any longer.

    While Apple and Samsung combine for a dominant majority share of the smartphone industry, the tablet business is quickly moving away from the mobile tech giants.

    According to freshly published data from Strategy Analytics, market share for the top two tablet vendors Apple and Samsung dipped to 43 percent as total shipment volume growth slowed to 6.6 percent in 2014.

    So who or what is taking market share away from Apple and Samsung? One name that quickly comes to mind is Lenovo, which the research giant says has been "pushing forward with tablets in innovative form factor designs, boosting its 2014 market share by 1.1 points in the last year to 5 percent."

    Additionally, white-box vendors are also winning a bigger market share, up to 29 percent in 2014 from 24 percent the year before. The reason? Entry-level and ultra-low priced tablets in emerging markets are hot and only growing hotter, ultimately at Apple's and Samsung's expense.

    To learn more, check out Strategy Analytics' data here.

    Source: Strategy Analytics
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