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  • New Emoji and Skin Tone Modifiers Introduced with OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 Beta 2

    In the recent OS X 10.10.3 beta, Apple builds on the emoji groundwork laid out with the first OS X 10.10.3 beta build which introduced all new emoji and emoji skin tone modifiers. When users select an emoji with a skin tone, such as the one with the many people emoji, it’s now possible to choose a specific skin tone from one of six tones. There are also several new people emoji that introduce a larger diversity. Family emoji now include multiple same sex couples, both with children and without, all with various skin tone options.

    The Cupertino California company first promised to add more diversity to its emoji character set in early 2014 stating that it was working with the Unicode Consortium to add more characters. It appears that the company made good on the pledge with the release of 10.10.3. Along with the range of diversified people emoji, the recent update also brings 32 new country flags including flags for Canada, Australia and India.

    Apple also made several changes to emoji that are related to Apple products. The existing standard watch emoji has been replaced with an emoji that’s based on its upcoming Apple Watch, with a black band and an analog watch face. Furthermore, the iPhone emoji has also been updated to look like the iPhone 6 with the computer emoji now being an iMac. Along with new emoji characters, OS X 10.10.3 introduces a renamed character palette that focuses more heavily on emoji.

    Now accessible through the “Edit” menu in most Mac apps, the palette previously named “Special Characters,” but is labeled “Emoji & Symbols” in OS X 10.10.3. The emoji picker has also been given a redesign which features a layout with a single larger vertical-scrolling page for easier access to emoji. The same diversified emoji options will be coming to iOS as well. The recent iOS 8.3 beta 2 update also includes the same diversified emoji options along with the redesigned emoji picker.

    Are any of you looking forward to the public release of this version of OS X and iOS?

    Source: Apple via MacRumors
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      If Apple is working with Unicode, does that mean future versions will be visible on other operating systems?