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  • Apple's AZ Solar-Powered Data Center May Score 2 Decades of Tax Breaks

    Apple's ambitious green energy endeavors in Arizona may pay off in a multitude of ways for Apple and not just the environment.

    According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Apple could potentially score two decades worth of tax breaks in response to the impressive solar powered data center the company is preparing.

    "Apple Inc. could receive 10 to 20 years worth of state data center tax breaks for its planned Mesa command center and there is a new proposal put forward at the Arizona Legislature adjusting the rules to qualify for those benefits," the publication's Mike Sunnucks reports.

    In recent days, a state lawmaker proposed an amendment to a Senate bill that is designed to "clarify provisions" on tax breaks first established in 2013 that would directly pertain to state data center equipment and sales tax.

    If all goes as planned and Apple meets the criteria envisioned, it could result in untold savings for Apple as a result of their solar ambitions in Arizona. Specifically, Apple could very well get a 20-year benefit that is rewarded to "sustainable redevelopment projects."

    Source: Phoenix Business Journal
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    1. rickuk's Avatar
      rickuk -
      And here we were thinking that Apple were doing this for the benefit of the planet when all the time they were looking at paying less tax
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Its definitely an incentive. I don't know too many people that make drastic changes unless money is involved.