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  • Apple Reportedly Orders More Than 5 Million Watches for its Product Launch

    Apple and its suppliers seem to be preparing for the release of the Apple Watch in April as the company reportedly orders between 5 million and 6 million units with prices ranging from $349 to a multiple thousand dollars. The alleged details of the forthcoming Apple Watch were recently reported by The Wall Street Journal who cited unnamed people who claimed to be familiar with the matter. The report noted that the high-end Apple Watch is “expected” to be among the most expensive products that Apple has ever sold.

    To be more precise, the report claimed that the Apple Watch Edition could potentially exceed the base price of Apple’s current high-end, 6-core, $3,999 Mac Pro desktop. This specific model of the Apple Watch will feature 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose. On the low-end, Apple has already announced that the Apple Watch Sport will be sold at a starting price of $349. This specific model is set to feature Ion-X glass. The mid-level Apple Watch is said to sport a scratch-resistant sapphire cover although the pricing of the mid-level model is still unknown.

    The Wall Street Journal noted that initial orders for the Apple Watch aren’t far off from the debut of the iPad in 2010, which is when Apple ended up selling 7.5 million units in its first six months of availability. Another thing that the report also indicated was that Quanta Computer will be the sole assembler of the new wrist-worn Apple device. Analyst Rod Hall of JP Morgan Chase said that the base Apple Watch Sport is most likely going to account for 95% of units sold to consumers in a research note last week.

    We’ll have to see how much of the information from the report turns out to be true and how much of it does not by being patient.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal (blog)
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    1. johnmethew's Avatar
      johnmethew -
      A very informative topic has been discussed in this post.Thanks for bring that into my mind.
    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      Thousands of dollars just seems dumb to me for a gold casing, considering it's the same watch/internals otherwise. Make a high-end version, sure, and I get that it's targeted at a much smaller audience, but add SOMETHING other than the shell. And we're not talking a precision, hand-crafted timepiece that will retain its value over decades - it's a computer that will be obsolete by Christmas season.

      Ah well... when the Sport version is waterproof, and all versions offer more usability away from my phone, then I'll seriously consider getting one. Already easily the best-looking of its kind - surprising no one.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Gonna hold out for Gen II release. Will be thinner, faster and have more ability.
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      I don't this will sell as well as people think. It'll probably still sell millions, but not 8 digits.

      I personally feel like the smart watch is still just a solution looking for a problem, which is why Android watches are tanking and Apple's sales will mostly be the result of people with a lot of discretionary income to throw around.
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      They'll sell these I'm sure. Hopefully the next generation will be good enough for me to want to try. Who know what their lifecycle will be though, yearly?
      As far as wearables go, I'm getting used to using a fitbit surge. The battery life is several days which is the major reason I bought that rather than the apple watch. I don't want to worry about if my watch battery will last all day, I already do that with my iPhone. Sure you can charge the apple watch every night but my schedule rotates a lot and that's not always practical, especially when I'm already charging my phone. With the fitbit surge there are no 3rd party apps but I do wear it at night and I'm slowly learning what kind of things I do before going to sleep actually result in a better nights rest. Kinda hard to do that if you're stuck to a charger all night.
      Bottom line: someone please invent a better energy storage solution than li-ion/polymer!
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      I have a feeling that most of the profits will come from selling the different watch bands. Part of the fun of this watch is how easily one is able to customize the style.

      Personally I'll wait until the fifth or sixth iteration before even considering purchasing such an expensive toy.
    1. novadam's Avatar
      novadam -
      I could say that I'll wait for gen II, because I know I should. But I also know myself and know that I can't resist new gadgets. So I'll probably buy one and upgrade when it gets better in future gens.
    1. cpho's Avatar
      cpho -
      Quote Originally Posted by novadam View Post
      I could say that I'll wait for gen II, because I know I should. But I also know myself and know that I can't resist new gadgets. So I'll probably buy one and upgrade when it gets better in future gens.
      Send me your old iWatch when you upgrade.[emoji6]
    1. Donnutt's Avatar
      Donnutt -
      Quote Originally Posted by cpho View Post
      Send me your old iWatch when you upgrade.[emoji6]
      I will buy gen 1, then probably upgrade every few years and sell the old one for half the cost of a new one. That's what I have done with all my iPhone's. I preordered my 6, and when it came I immediately listed my 5 on eBay, and got over $400 for it. I also don't drop mine in toilets, see if it will bend, blend, or smash upon dropping it from 6 feet onto concrete.
    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      We're all assuming this thing will have a similar upgrade cycle like Apple's iOS devices... I'm not so sure that will be the case. We'll see. Either way, I'll definitely be waiting until at least the next generation, when/if that ever happens.
    1. jwil736's Avatar
      jwil736 -
      I think this will be updated like Apple TV. It can only do so much then will be just design.