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  • No Warm Welcome for Apple Pay in China Yet

    What's the hold up? That's the burning question of the day with regard to Apple Pay's deployment in China -- a deployment that isn't moving along at the brisk pace Apple was hoping for inside of the world's most populous mobile community.

    On Tuesday, however, we're getting some answers for that question -- yes, "answers," as there is no clear lone reason for the delays.

    According to MarketWatch, China’s central bank, UnionPay bank-card service, and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. "are standing up to Apple Inc.’s effort to bring the Apple Pay no-card-no-cash payment system to iPhone users in China."

    From presumable anxiety among would-be competitors to regulatory issues, Apple Pay's roll out is being hampered on multiple fronts, the report explains. "Apple is reportedly working toward expanding this service globally," MarketWatch says. "But it is unclear whether the Apple Pay feature will be allowed in China, one of Apple’s biggest markets, anytime soon."

    Despite Apple's increasingly comfortable relationship with China, there's no guarantee that Apple will get what it wants out of mobile payments from the Chinese market -- at least in 2015.

    Source: MarketWatch
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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Alibaba is standing up to Apple? I thought they were in talks for a type of partnership. I guess it didn't work out?