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  • New DisplayPort Standard to Enable Ultra-Res 8K Displays and Improve Battery Life

    The latest Embedded DisplayPort standard is set to advance the future ultra-high resolution displays and improve battery life when it adds support for 8K screens starting in 2016. The new Embedded DisplayPort Standard version 1.4a was recently announced by the Video Electronics Standards Association this week, enabling high video data transfer rates, greater color depth and higher refresh rates.

    The new standard is set to support embedded panels with up to an 8K resolution of 7,670 and 4,320 pixels. Devices that use the new eDP 1.4a standard are expected to hit the market by 2016. In addition to supporting 8K-resolution screens, eDP 1.4a will also feature “Multi-SST Operaton," which is a new type of display architecture given the name: “Segmented Panel Display.” According to VESA, this will enable thinner, lighter and lower-cost panels that use less power. Furthermore, the move could also benefit high-resolution screens like the Retina displays featured in Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup.

    Last but not least, eDP 1.4a will also help refine the “partial update” capability of the Panel Self Refresh feature introduced in eDP 1.4. This partial update function allows the system to save power by only updating the portion or the display that has changed since the video frame update. We’ll have to see the new system specs that are released in tomorrow’s tech as a result of the announcement.

    Source: VESA
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    1. DavisMedia's Avatar
      DavisMedia -
      It slightly depresses me seeing this, and knowing that I recently got a Blackmagic camera that only records 1080p.
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      I don't understand all the 8k talk lately. I mean 4k hasn't even settle yet and the industry is already looking at 8k. 4k should be the last res bump for the home consumer, there's absolutely no need whatsoever for 8k.
    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      32k or nothing, peasants.