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  • No Apple TV Refresh at Rumored February 24th Media Event

    As MMi first reported last week, world on the street is that Apple will hold a media event on February 24th to show off some new hardware.

    No, Apple isn't breaking any familiar product release patterns. No new iPhones, for example, will be unveiled. And while we could conceivably see an "iPad Pro" -- an enterprise-focused tablet from Apple -- it's more likely that the event in question will be leveraged to show off a new MacBook Air, possibly one featuring Intel Broadwell chips.

    Speculation about the new MacBook Air and even another Apple Watch demonstration is backed up by some pretty solid sources in the supply chain. And given Tim Cook's admission that Apple Watch will ship in April, it's not out of the question that February 24th's media event (if it happens) could host some sort of Apple Watch presentation or, at the very least, a news update (preorder info, sales prices, tweaked features/apps, etc.)

    What we can tell you, however, with near 100% certainty is that there more than likely won't be an Apple TV refresh. Despite being nearly three years removed from the last hardware update, it now appears that Apple may simply (but no time soon) integrate Apple TV into a future connected HDTV product. For the time being, there doesn't appear to be any motivation to upgrade the hardware when sales of the set-top box are still strong and new content continues to find its way to the platform.

    If Apple is to hold a media event on February 24th, it's probable that media invites will go out either late this week or early next week.
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