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  • iPhone Users at Cleveland Cavaliers Game Will Receive iBeacon Push Notifications

    Professional NBA sports team Cleveland Cavaliers has announced recently that they will be sending iPhone users present at games, location-aware notifications. The basketball team is just one of many that will be doing this via Apple’s Bluetooth beacon iBeacon tech.

    For those watching the game live at the arenas will be receiving video content, promotions, and reminders that are available at the game. If you are a Cavaliers fan and would like to receive these notifications, you’ll have to download the official Cleveland Cavaliers iOS app.

    Opt-in notifications will have the following:

    • Welcome messages and exclusive video content for fans as they enter and explore different areas of the arena
    • Exclusive content delivered by points of interest, such as the 1976 Miracle of Richfield video highlights, viewable when fans pass the display of the original hardwood classic court from the Richfield Coliseum
    • Promotional incentives and giveaways to fans who attend games
    • Reminders about game times and to pick up 50/50 raffles tickets when volunteers are close by
    • Fan-controlled privacy with up-front opt-in, so engagement is only on the terms the fan wants
    The company behind this is YinzCam, Inc. and they use Gimbal Bluetooth beacon hardware to make all of this possible. The first professional NBA team to begin the location-aware notification was the Golden State Warriors. If you are interested in this, you can download the official Cleveland Cavaliers app for free in the App Store.

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      It's good that you have to opt in and it's not forced on you