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  • Apple Reportedly Driving a Mysterious Camera-Equipped Van in the Bay Area

    According to CBS affiliate, KPIX 5, there appears to be multiple sightings of a mysterious van with something strange on its roof in Concord, CA. What makes this whole thing interesting is that the car is leased by Apple. It is being said that the car is being used for a mapping project as the cameras on top of the vehicle are similar to other mapping cars. This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Apple has been planning on bringing significant improvements to its Maps application. It could also be that Apple is in the middle of preparing a feature similar to that of Google Street View or Bing StreetSide.

    The folks over at Claycord noted that the Apple car looked very similar to the self-driving Dodge Caravan which was spotted back in September 2014 in New York. Technology analyst, Rob Enderle seemed to agree that it was a self-driving car rather than a mapping car. Enderle had the following to say regarding the matter:

    Too many cameras. It has cameras that are angled down at all four corners of the vehicle.
    It should be noted that Google’s Street View cars do use a total of 15 cameras that are 5-megapixels each to stitch together its images. Apple seems to have leased a minivan that appears to have a similar set up with 12 cameras that could potentially be used to stitch images together for a Street View-like picture. That being said, Apple isn’t one of the six companies who have a permit for driverless cars but Enderle mentioned that this wouldn’t matter if Apple had a partnership with a manufacturer that is on the list. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the matter so we’ll have to wait and see when more information is revealed regarding the matter.

    Source: CBS, Claycord
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      luvmytj -
      Well obviously it is an iPhone tracking vehicle. I thought I saw a van following me around!