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  • Apple Retail Store Employees Get New Attire

    It has been reported that Apple has a new uniform for Apple Retail Store employees. Starting February 2md, employees will be wearing a new blue crew neck or polo shirt with a resized and repositioned Apple logo. AppleInsider has released some photos of the new shirt choices they received in an email. It seems like Apple’s SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts is really trying to organize and clean up Retail operations. The new attire will still be the same shade of blue it was before.

    Ahrendts previously worked at Burberry, which was and still is a huge fashion icon. It is no wonder why the first order of business Ahrendts wanted to clean up was the attire. The new policy is titled “Black to Blue…But All New” and there are various shirt styles for the employees. Different styles include short and long sleeve styles, and the choice of either a polo or crew neck shirt style. All shirts are a shade of dark blue.

    AppleInsider also found that the new various shirts will be more comfortable for employees and are made of ‘finer cotton.’ The logo on the front will be smaller in size and will be relocated on the shirt. Lastly, Apple noted that employees will be able to wear a white long sleeve shirt under the blue company attire. When you go into the Apple Store next week, you will be able to see the new attire the employees are required to wear.

    Source: AppleInsider
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