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  • FiftyThree's Popular Pencil Stylus is Now Available for Sale in Apple Retail Stores

    Apple retail stores across the nation have been hit with a new product on their shelves. Yes, you read that right, FiftyThree's popular 'Pencil' stylus accessory for iPads has been made available for sale in Apple's retail stores.

    FiftyThree made the announcement Wednesday morning explaining the details via their blog:

    Quote Originally Posted by FiftyThree
    Were proud to kick off the new year with a special announcement: Pencil is now available at Apple! For the first time ever, see Pencil up close and get it at your local Apple store.

    Its been quite a ride bringing Pencil to creators around the globe; first online and now in Apple US, Canada, UK and EU, with worldwide availability coming soon.
    For those unfamiliar with the Pencil, it is a Bluetooth stylus tool intended for digital art designers that use the iPad (or other iOS device) as a way to draw and paint using applications from the iOS App Store, such as Paper for iPad.

    The Pencil comes in two configurations either a wood-finished version or a graphite aluminum-finished version. The aluminum version is cheaper by $10, although they both accomplish the same task. Because it uses Bluetooth to connect, it includes a built-in post source that can be charged via a USB port on your computer.

    The Pencil is also able to detect surface pressure, so depending on how hard to press with the Pencil, your lines in your artwork will vary in boldness. This is the art behind the Pencil.

    If you're interested in picking one up, you can still do so online, although with this new announcement, you also now have the ability to go to your local Apple Store and pick one up. The price is $59 for the wood version and $49 for the aluminum version. Check it out!

    Sources: FiftyThree
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      This will probably work best with the iPad Air 2 - it's the fastest iPad. If there's one thing I can't stand when drawing with a stylus it's any kind of lag.