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  • Apple's iOS 8 Reaches 69% Adoption Across the iOS Installed Base

    69% of iOS devices worldwide are now running iOS 8, Apple now reports this week. The Cupertino-based company has made modifications to the App Store Distribution page on the company's Web site so that the pie graph showing the installation data has been updated for more accurate numbers.

    Now being at 69%, the company has been a 1% growth in just under two weeks. iOS 8 brings a myriad of new features to devices, including third-party keyboards, Notification Center widgets, Handoff & Continuity, a better gaming API, and multiple other features that users and developers alike can take advantage of.

    The holidays were very successful run for Apple and recent record-breaking sales in China and India have contributed to the number of devices running iOS 8.

    28% of iOS device users remain on iOS 7, while 3% are running an earlier version of iOS. These users are the ones who either didn't see a reason to upgrade to iOS 8, or are running older legacy devices that aren't capable of running Apple's latest mobile operating system.

    Sources: Apple
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    1. Eonhpi's Avatar
      Eonhpi -
      Im the 3% ios 6 on my iphone 5

      Sent from space
    1. unsername here's Avatar
      unsername here -
      well that's because i got screwed from tweaks that magically broke my jailbreaks from ios 6 to 7 now I'm on 8,1,2 and got hit once again and had restore re jailbreak all from one of your weekly top tweaks. *******
    1. TrickKiste's Avatar
      TrickKiste -
      Going to stay 7.1.2 until something where to happen and have to update.