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  • Apple Takes Second Spot in Flickr's 2014 Popular Camera Rankings

    The most popular camera rankings for 2014 was released by Flickr recently, and it was noted that Apple has surpassed Nikon, taking second place in the ranking. Approximately 10 billion photos were uploaded last year with about 100 million users and unsurprisingly, Canon and Nikon made the list. What was surprising though, was that Apple came in second place before Nikon. According to The Next Web, Canon took the number one spot with 13.4%, Apple came in second place with 9.6%, Nikon came in third with 9.3%, Samsung was fourth place with 5.6%, and Sony took the 5th spot with 4.2%.

    Flickr also looked into the top mobile cameras, and Apple took most of the spots in the top 10. Apple’s iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5c took the first four spots respectively. Then Samsung’s S3 and S5 took the 5th and 6th spots, Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPad came in 7th and 8th, the HTC One came in 9th and finally Apple’s iPad Mini rounded out last. Apple’s iPhone 5s was not ranked in Flickr’s list and it is unclear as to why.

    Source: The Next Web
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