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  • Apple's Market Cap Jumps $24 Billion... Today
    What a day for Apple on Wall Street.

    Despite recent stock slumps attributed to a vast array of factors, not the least of which is sagging crude oil prices, AAPL has remained strong -- very strong, as illustrated once again today at the close of trading on Wall Street.

    Aided by everything from talk of 70 million iPhone sales last quarter to record App Store sales in the home stretch of 2014, shares of Apple rocketed 4% today to close at $111.89. Just how big was Apple's stock pop today? In one day alone, Apple gained a staggering $24 billion for its market cap.

    Analysts believe this is just the start of a bullish 2015 run for shares of the company, with the next upward surge possible in the aftermath of January 27th. Apple will announce its eagerly awaited December quarterly earnings on that occasion and it is almost universally believed that Apple will set new quarterly sales and earnings records for the company.

    MMi will have complete coverage of January 27th's earnings report and subsequent investor briefing led by Apple CEO Tim Cook.
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