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  • EU and Canadian App Stores Face Price Increase

    It has been reported that Apple announced recently that App Store prices in Canada and all countries in the European Union will increase, as well as unrevealed price changes for Russiaís App Store. AppleInsider noted that those in Norway, EU, and Canada will be affected in the price increase of the App Store, but those in Iceland will actually be seeing a price decrease. The Cupertino-based company noted that those in Russia will also be affected with price changes, but they didnít specify whether it would be a decrease or increase. The changes will however happen within 36 hours.

    Apparently, the reason behind the price change is to make up for local VAT (value-added tax) and foreign exchange rate changes. As for Russia, no one knows what will happen to their App Store prices. It was just last month that Apple Russiaís online store was suspended and six days later when it resumed, the iPad and iPhone prices increased by up to 35%. Another change began on January 1st where consumers have to now begin paying fees in the App Store based on the country they live in in the EU.

    Source: AppleInsider
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