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  • Mophie and Otterbox Announce First Set of MFI-Licensed iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Battery Cases

    The first set of Made for iPhone (MFI) licensed battery cases for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have recently been announced from none other than Mophie and Otterbox. The two cases will not only give users the ability to protect their iPhones but also extend its battery life. It isn’t a surprise to see two of the popular accessory makers jump at the chance as they have done so in the past as well.

    Mophie led the pack with updated versions of its Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus cases. The $99.95 Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 6 is set to double the device’s battery life with a 2.750mAh capacity while the larger $119.95 Juice Pack Plus model is set to offer 120% more battery life with a 3.300mAh capacity. Those of you who have an iPhone 6 will have to use Mophie’s 2.600mAh Juice Pack which is sold for $99.95 and sports a thin-profile, touting an extra 60% battery.

    If you’re in the market for one of the Mophie Juice Packs, you can preorder them through the company’s website. The Mophie products come in colors that match the latest iPhone lineup. Last but not least, the models are advertised to ship in three to four weeks upon placing your order.

    Otterbox was the other popular accessory maker who joined the fray with its own lineup of officially licensed iPhone 6 battery cases. The company is offering a new Resurgence Power Case series which features a 2.600mAh battery which also helps boost battery life and provide enhanced drop protection. The Resurgence Power Case is available for the iPhone 6 and listed on the Otterbox website with a price tag of $99.95. It comes in black, glacier, cardinal and mint ice colors and has a “coming soon” message posted for availability.

    If you're interested in checking out either of the cases, just hit the respective source link below! Will any of you be buying either of the cases for your new iPhone?

    Source: Mophie, Otterbox
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    1. sheltons.iphone's Avatar
      sheltons.iphone -
      Funny, I bought one off eBay from China with 3500mah for $17. Looks and works great.
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      I'm going to get one of these, BUT...i also want the Belt clip which ISN'T available YET...so I'm not going to get it yet...and unless the Otterbox belt clips fit universal with this then i won't get that one either.
    1. Aerob's Avatar
      Aerob -
      @shelton what type do u buy? Many china knockoff looked like a total cheap product, a link please, im interested
    1. TechAlex's Avatar
      TechAlex -
      I have the Iphone 6+, the battery last forever! I dont need more weight in my pocket!
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I am either in a building or in my car most of the time. Running out of juice is almost non existent for me. Besides, those bulky cases make an iPhone 6 look like a 6+..no thank you.