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  • Apple Considering Lounge Concept for Retail Outlets

    Let's face it. If not for the coffee shops and cozy reading lounges within some of the world's biggest book retailers, many of us would spend a lot less time in those locations reading books. For this reason it makes sense that Apple is said to be considering a comparable "lounge" concept for some of its retail locations.

    Given that Microsoft's retail store in Mission Viejo, California has seen great success with its "lounge" concept, it's easy to understand why Apple would seek to openly mimic a popular staple in modern retail comforts. And according to Gary Allen at ifo Apple Store, the first Apple Store lounge will be found at Apple's soon to open store at St. Louis Galleria - the largest Apple Store in the US that's located inside a shopping mall. Other features of the addition will include a "permanent kiosk" that enables customers to check in to Genius Bar appointments.

    "According to mall observers, Starbucks is soon moving its coffee sales operation to the second floor, outside the entrance to the Nordstrom store that opens in September 2011," Allen noted in his article. "Apple will then reportedly occupy the 592 square-feet permanent kiosk as a Genius Bar check-in space, Wi-Fi lounge and/or training space. Employees at the current mini-store frequently use the mall hallway for training sessions because of the limited interior space of the mini-store."

    The Apple Store in question will occupy better than 6,000 square-feet and present a 55-foot wide storefront.

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