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  • Apple Wins a Patent for a Digital Stylus that Creates Digital Copies of Written Notes

    Apple was recently awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office that concerns a new type of digital stylus which translates a userís handwritten note into a digital version when connected to a smartphone, tablet or any ďdigital computing device.Ē The patent also details several exchangeable tips for the stylus which vary from actual ink markers for a whiteboard to a rubberized nub similar to tablet styli. The stylus activates when motion-sensing hardware including accelerometers detects when the pen is picked up out of its dock, is pressed to a writing surface or simply turned on manually.

    Since motion sensors are able to detect a 3D plane, the stylus uses an initial zero point to help transmit the movement and flow of handwriting as varying changes in position to the desired computing device. The way the technology works, an actual surface isnít needed to transmit data, writing notes in the air would even work. This patent even goes as far as detailing ways for users to choose how the data is transmitted, including continuously or at chosen intervals which allow battery life to be preserved.

    A quick glance at the patent reveals many practical solutions for Appleís new patent. The pen allows users to display their writing on multiple displays, a possible solution for work meetings and classrooms. It can even be used as a digital solution for note-taking, allowing users to take notes while a digital copy would be sent to their phone or tablet which may potentially be tucked away in a bag. The digital backup can then easily be edited and shared.

    It should be noted that this type of technology isnít exactly new and this isnít any confirmation that Apple is going to move forward with the idea but it will be interesting to see what possibilities the company brainstorms for the future.

    Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
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