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  • How Many Shares of AAPL Did Apple Buy Back This Year?

    With only a matter of days remaining in 2014, market watchers and industry analysts are taking a good long look back on the year gone by, paying special attention to Apple's market resurgence and unprecedented sales.

    Today, you would find it immensely difficult to find anyone on Wall Street with a gloomy and bearish outlook for Apple in 2015. And based on the number of shares of AAPL that Apple bought back this year, it's pretty clear the iDevice maker has no shortage of faith in itself as well.

    Data from FactSet and presented by MarketWatch on Friday indicates that Apple was the year's top buyback spender among the S&P 500. Apple invested a staggering $56 billion on shares of AAPL this year, which is "nearly three times the outlay of runner-up IBM Corp. which spent $19.2 billion."

    For weeks, shares of AAPL have hovered at or near record levels. But with Apple expected to announced record holiday sales and earnings next month. the price of AAPL may soar by January's end to levels we've never previously seen for the Mac maker.

    Source: Market Watch
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