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  • Fleksy Keyboard for iOS Being Updated With New Extensions, Dubbed "Biggest Update Ever"

    Fleksy made the announcement Wednesday morning that version 5.0 of the company's iOS keyboard would be rolling out with all-new extensions that can be used to make the third-party keyboard even better on Apple's most advanced mobile operating system.

    The extensions will allow users to take advantage of things such as themes and animated GIF images, just to name a couple. All users get 3 extension slots for free, meaning their keyboard can have up to three extensions installed for free, but you can buy more slots to enable additional extensions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fleksy
    Why add Extensions? Well, as Kosta, our CEO says, “Keyboards are our primary input method. Why switch back and forth between apps to do things that can be done via the keyboard?”

    Fleksy notes that they will be the first keyboard to ever bring animated GIF input to Android and that the company has already achieved more than 3 million individual downloads in just over a year.

    Fleksy is also re-designing its application to help with actually applying the new extensions and configuring them to your liking. Keep your eye out for this update, as it will be rolling out shortly!

    Fleksy Keyboard for iOS can be downloaded for 99˘ from this App Store link.

    Sources: Fleksy via MacRumors
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      This looks pretty sweet! I might have to give Fleksy a try.