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  • Apple TV the Target of a New Amazon Campaign?

    The team at NativeMobile is about to break an exclusive story on Wednesday.

    Although the details won't be revealed until the story is live within a matter of hours, speculation is rampant that Amazon is planning a new advertising campaign of some sort and, sources at NativeMobile admit, the target could very well be Apple TV.

    It isn't yet clear if the rumored ads in question will be exclusive to the Amazon site or expansive across television and online media channels, but one thing is certainly clear to us: Apple TV is a smart target for any company that makes a competing product in the streaming television content department.

    As MMi readers are well aware, the headlines have reflected talk of a "looming update" for Apple TV since late 2012 (spring 2012 is the last time the set-top box's hardware was refreshed). But with more than two years now removed from those initial reports, we're still waiting for the update.

    Apple, it goes without saying, has continued to refresh the available content on its platform by adding new channels. But more than a few die-hard streaming content junkies feel that Apple can and should do a lot more to make the platform more cutting edge and convenient for users.

    The full story is on deck at NativeMobile.com.
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    1. Songbird's Avatar
      Songbird -
      Apple has been working on this for a long time, and they've been making deals. At the same time, they've introduced bigger iPhone screens and a 3x resolution, and then of course the 5K iMac. They have to do this all in steps. They cannot release a new Apple TV with access to apps and games, and then not have developers already accustomed to designing for the big screen. They are also trying to get consumers to buy into MFi controllers, and getting more and more developers to design games that use them.

      It will all be worth it.