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  • Gwen Stefani and MasterCard Team Up to Promote Apple Pay

    As Apple continues to push Apple Pay, major credit card company MasterCard has also recently promoted the newest mobile payment system using a 30-second commercial. We previously reported that Wells Fargo had released a commercial showcasing the quick and easy way to check out using Apple Pay. MasterCard’s commercial however, not only features the newest payment system but also popular singer and Grammy Award winner Gwen Stefani. According to MasterCard,

    Gwen Stefani is taking control of the Priceless Surprises launcher to help surprise cardholders every time they swipe, dip, tap or click with their MasterCard. Stefani has teamed up with MasterCard to deliver truly unforgettable experiences and surprises for MasterCard cardholders and Gwen Stefani fans.

    The commercial shows Gwen Stefani firing gifts and surprises to customers via a ‘Surprise Launcher’ every time they use Apple Pay on their iPhones. As noted in the television ad, priceless surprises include everything from handbags and golf experiences to concert tickets, and even the chance to meet Gwen Stefani. It is unknown if Apple had anything to do with the partnership of the credit card company and popular singer. It seems like more and more companies are offering promotions to get their customers to use the mobile payment system. Not too long ago, Chase was offering their Apple Pay users David Guetta’s newest album for free.

    How do you like Apple Pay so far? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: MasterCard
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