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  • Apple's iOS Devices in the Lead as Online Sales Increase for Thanksgiving Weekend

    TechCrunch recently released IBM analytics results compiled over Thanksgiving, in regards to online shopping with iOS and Android devices. TechCrunch reported that IBM Digital Analytics found that iOS devices have much more e-commerce purchases than Android devices. It wasn’t long ago when information released showed that Android users outnumbered iOS users almost two-to-one in the U.S. However, despite more people owning Android devices, the number of online sales coming from iOS users blew Android users in the water.

    Analytics showed that online purchases for Androids were less than 7%, whereas iOS made up approximately 25% of mobile sales. It was also noted that the average total spent on iOS devices were higher, at approximately $118.57 as opposed to only $95.25 for Android users. TechCrunch noted that mobile sales increased 10% compared to 2013 and now account for 52.11% of all site traffic and 32.33% of all sales. With Apple’s new mobile payment system Apple Pay, we can only imagine the numbers for mobile sales next year being even higher.

    Major companies that want to focus on e-commerce should probably really target those with iOS devices. With the number of iOS sales and Apple Pay transactions on the rise, we definitely think targeting iOS users is the right way to go.

    Source: TechCrunch
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    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      As expected; but when the Banks get on Bored I can only imagine it will be a much more increasing Gap, with Google Wallet though I thought Android users would have had a SLIGHTLY closer Gap, I mean with NFC being available on Phones such as The Galaxy Series, Droids Series and other various phones, why is it all of a sudden a Huge Grip from Droid users now that Apple has Apple Pay integrated via NFC in the 6 & Plus. I haven't myself used Apple Pay even though I Have it set up, I'm waiting for My Bank to catch up..or rather be added to the Apple Pay THEN I'll be up. BUT....again this was to be expected.