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  • Facebook Outlines its Upcoming Privacy Changes by Pushing Service Notifications

    Facebook ended up pushing a service notification to users recently (a move which it rarely does), reminding the millions of social network’s members of updates to its terms, data and cookie policies, advertising systems and new privacy controls. The new Privacy Basics feature walks users through the steps required to tweak their privacy settings to their own liking. Furthermore, the social media giant has made interactive guides available for customizing settings in three areas including the following “what others see about you,” “how others interact with you,” and “what you see,” all of which show the process needed to make changes.

    The company went on to remind users to review changes to its terms of service and policies surrounding the collection of data, tracking cookies and advertising. Facebook claims many of the changes are designed to increase the transparency about operations including but not limited to the following:

    • Details about how location information is collected and used when on mobile devices.
    • Information about the new Buy button that allows users to make purchases without leaving Facebook.
    • Explanations of the way Facebook analyzes device data, like battery and signal strength, to improve its apps.
    • Additional details describing how Facebook shares data between its services, like WhatsApp and Instagram
    Last but not least, Facebook will now respect users’ advertising preferences regardless of the device they are on – a much requested feature. For those of you who didn’t know, previously opting out of advertisements on a laptop wouldn’t opt out of the same ads on other devices such as an iPhone or iPad. These changes are set to take place on January 1 as Facebook and a number of other tech giants are being put under the limelight by privacy advocates. Several data leaks which have recently occurred coupled with ongoing issues with the National Security Agency have caused security and privacy to become an increasingly important demand for consumers.

    Have you skimmed over the Facebook privacy changes? If so, what are your thoughts about them?

    Source: Facebook (Privacy Basics) (Terms and Policies)
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