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  • Facebook Launches Standalone "Groups" App for Managing Your Facebook Groups

    On Tuesday, Facebook released a new standalone application for cluttering up your Home Screen even more... *cough* I mean... managing your groups so that you can have better control over them from a separate application.

    Quote Originally Posted by Facebook
    See all of your Facebook Groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and without distractions. Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you.
    With Facebook Groups, you're allowed to create groups for almost anything you want to and then invite your friends to join so that they can invite their friends, and so on. Your group can then grow and become a place where you can post and share information and hear from other people. It's also great for staying in touch, as well as keeping a specific group of people updated on photos and information at once.

    Facebook notes that Facebook Groups can be used for a variety of useful things, including but not limited to, work, sports teams, families, schools, and even neighborhoods.

    To get started with Facebook Groups, you need to have a Facebook account already. You can download the new Facebook Groups application for free from this App Store link.

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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Next update to facebook app:
      We feel that the additional features provided in the Groups app means that it will need to be removed from the current facebook app. Regardless of the fact that the functionality provided in the default facebook app was just fine and nobody cared, we really just wanted to take another 100MB of space on your phone for no real reason. You're welcome.
    1. TDH Advocate's Avatar
      TDH Advocate -
      Quote Originally Posted by SpidermanAPV View Post
      Next update to facebook app:
      They just want to give apple as much bloatware as faildroids so that everyone feels equal.
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      It's funny how in the beginning when FB started they wanted this feature full website and made a app to match. Now here they are tearing it apart piece by piece LOL
    1. psxcancer's Avatar
      psxcancer -
      They want to be part of everything. Make a separate App to get those that don't use Facebook, hence their Messenger App. This is how to get people that "don't" use Facebook there still able to be in contact with her friends that are on Facebook. Now their branching out with is Groups App. Hey when you're on top you got to continually find ways to stay on top and in peoples minds.