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  • iPhone 6 Plus User Breaks Guinness Fleksy Keyboard Typing Record Set on Android Device

    When Apple opened up third-party keyboards on iOS 8, many keyboard developers released all kinds of keyboard options for users of what Apple claims is the most advanced mobile operating system. Among the more popular keyboards is Fleksy keyboard, a keyboard that broke the Guinness world record of being the fastest texting keyboard – it set the record of just 18.19 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier in the year, but a new world record has just been documented on one of Apple's devices.

    Apple's iPhone 6 Plus has just seen an even faster documented record of just 17.00 seconds using the Fleksy keyboard on iOS 8. The record was set by the same guy that set the original record on the Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier this year, a Brazilian teenager that goes by the name of Marcel Fernandes Filho.

    You can watch Filho break the record in the video below:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fleksy
    We’re very proud of Fleksy’s involvement in helping Marcel achieve this impressive feat,” said Ioannis Verdelis, Fleksy co-founder and COO. “The speed and accuracy Fleksy provides have yet again proven world-class.
    While we congratulate Filho on breaking yet another record, we have to give props to the guys over at Fleksy for creating an awesome keyboard and making it available on our favorite mobile operating system – iOS. Fleksy gets its speed from having an amazing auto-correct engine that can help make even the sloppiest typist a good typist.

    If you're interested in trying Fleksy keyboard, it's just 99˘*in the App Store at this link.

    Sources: Fleksy
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      I want to be officially amazing.
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      IChi1d -
      Itouch secure is out for iOS8 you may have to buy it again but this tweak is worth every penny.
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      ChicagoV -
      ...so speed-typing on phones is a... thing, now?
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      This is just an advertisement.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoV View Post
      ...so speed-typing on phones is a... thing, now?
      I should've left the video of me typing on the first iPhone. 250,000 views later, I was getting countless messages from ppl who otherwise [according to them] would have never bought the iPhone simply because they never thought it was possible to out-speed the blackberry.

      The default keyboard is just fine imo. In fact, the third party ones don't hold up 100% of the time and after awhile I get tired of closing and restarting apps just to get the keyboard back.