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  • Apple Prepares for the Holiday Season With a Few Changes

    We’re right around the corner for the holiday season and Apple is already ahead of the game. The Cupertino-based company is looking to push their gift cards this year, but a major part of it is pushing it through third party retailers. It was reported that Apple will be selling gift cards outside of their own stores and in many other retail partner’s stores. Apple has already been selling its iTunes and App Store gift certificates in third party vendors for a long time, and is now ready for an addition.

    Along with the addition of purchasable gift cards from other retail companies, Apple has changed the look of the cards as well. It was reported that Apple will be selling sell gold, silver, and space grey gift cards this year. These three colors match their latest iPhone 6 lineup that was released back in September, and the new iPad lineup released last month. It was also noted that the company plans on placing the newly revamped gift cards next to matching Beats headphones in stores. This is also a change as gift cards used to be placed in the back of retail stores.

    Last but not least, in line with the holiday change, Apple employees will be replacing their typical blue shirts to holiday red t-shirts. Employees will be wearing a white long sleeve shirt underneath the red t-shirt with a red fleece on top. The lanyard will also be removed from the uniform, forcing employees to be more social and proactive.

    If you're on the hunt for an Apple gift card and you're too far from an Apple Store, be on the lookout for them when you go to third party retailers.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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      These are sold in Kroger. 4X fuel points now through December 9th, so if you are buying a Macbook Air or something may as well get gift cards at Kroger first. That would net you 4000+ fuel points, four fillups with $1 off @ 35 gallons = $140 saved in gasoline. Nice!