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  • Paleo Dieters Developing an Appetite for ‘Paleo Challenge’ App on iOS

    If you’re among the growing number of Americans on the Paleo Diet, there’s a new app you may want to check out.

    Paleo Challenge
    could easily be called a game-changer for health and dieting apps, as the platform serves up a lightheartedly competitive atmosphere for its users to enjoy as it introduces social accountability to the world of Paleo Dieting.

    Friends, relatives, and associates on the Paleo Diet can now work together through the app to "reset their eating habits."

    “The 30 day Paleo Challenge will keep you accountable with eating real, nutritious food with your friends, family and co-workers. Begin, reset, or fine-tune your journey towards optimal health,” say the makers of the app, which brings social accountability in dieting into the modern mobile age.

    The challenge is to eat real, nutritious foods for thirty days. The diet eliminates cravings, reduces toxins, and provides the body with nutrients that are optimally healthy. The app is easy to use and there is no calorie counting or food logging.
    Players can select among three challenge levels: intro, intermediate, or strict. The objective is to accumulate the least amount of points on the Leader Board. App users give themselves 0 for the healthiest (“green”) foods (poultry, salmon, vegetables, etc.); 1 point for moderate (“yellow”) foods (foods healthy within reasonable limits, such as fruits, starchy root vegetables, seeds and nuts, etc.); and 2 for No Go (“red”) foods that are inflammatory and nutrient-void (dairy, sugar, processed foods, etc.).

    If you’re into the Paleo Diet, you may want to give the app a try. Paleo Challenge is free to download, and various challenge levels are available as in-app purchases.

    Source: Paleo Challenge
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    1. organik's Avatar
      organik -
      Whenever someone tells me they're paleo, what I hear is "i don't know much about nutrition but someone told me this was good."
      Tried reading some paleo message boards and had a good chuckle at people trying to figure out why their blood work was coming out so bad, big surprise eating all that meat. Also, our Paleolithic ancestors didn't eat like paleo fad dieters eat, so really the whole thing is based on a lie.