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  • iTunes Might Get A Social Life

    If you’ve been waiting for Apple to launch a cloud based version of the iTunes store you’re probably going to have to wait a bit longer for that wish to come true.

    At next weeks ‘Special Event’ it is widely believed that Apple will announce a new version of the iTunes store that will be web based. Speculation is that Jobs and Co. will build upon iTunes Preview that was launched late last year and add social networking features to it. Users would be able to share their musical tastes with friends but not actual songs.

    Record label executives speculate that a wireless system could also be implemented making it easier for you to manage your music. The theory is that Apple will make it possible for you to copy a song from your iPhone to you laptop without connecting any wires.

    Apple already lets you sync your music on up to five devices. This wouldn’t require anything more than an updated version of iTunes itself. It looks like we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for Apple to let us listen to our tunes anywhere we want in the cloud. Apple has yet to receive the necessary licenses from the major record labels to move the iTunes store into the cloud and it’s unlikely that they would proceed without this approval.

    Wi-Fi Sync has been out for a while via Cydia. If Apple updates iTunes to allow Wi-Fi syncing this will be a welcome improvement to how we currently sync our music. More will be revealed next Wednesday.

    Source: Appleinsider
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