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  • Apple's Complex Relationship with Fitbit Remains Perplexing

    In recent weeks, the tech news world has covered in no shortage of detail how Apple is formally entering the mHealth arena with the early 2015 release of Apple Watch.

    Apple's first smartwatch is both a cool toy and, for some, a vital health and fitness resource. Consequently, it's understandable why Apple would want to use its mammoth retail presence to focus more on its own product and not the products of leading competitors in the wearables space.

    What's been particularly confusing, however, is Apple's relationship with Fitbit. As MMi has covered in recent weeks, Apple has pulled Fitbit products from its online store. But as of this writing, from New York to L.A., Fitbit products not only remain on the shelves in brick-and-mortar Apple Stores, but stock continues to be replenished, indicating that Apple will likely continue to sell Fitbit merchandise in stores.

    Will that practice end come early 2015 when Apple Watch is released? For now, no one really knows. And sources close to Apple even seem befuddled by it all. However, once Apple Watch is available, at the very least, expect Fitbit to have a much less prominent place inside of Apple Stores, assuming that products aren't yanked altogether.
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      Fitbit's lack of HealthKit connectivity will be it's downfall