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  • EFF Gives Rare Praise to Apple Services for 'Secure Messaging'

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is out with a comprehensive new analysis of electronic messaging systems, ranking and grading the biggest players in the game across a host of criteria pertinent to general safety and overall security.

    While never a big cheerleader for Apple, this time it was the Cupertino, California-based mobile tech maker that finished ahead of its nearest rivals in mobile communications.

    When the smoke cleared and the analysis was complete, EFF ranked Apple's iMessage and FaceTime as the leading mass market options for secure messaging.

    Although the full list of ratings and rankings can be viewed here, it is certainly worth noting that Apple placed ahead of its nearest rivals in the mobile messaging and communications space -- BB Messenger, Google Hangouts, Facebook, and even Microsoft Skype.

    "In the face of widespread Internet surveillance, we need a secure and practical means of talking to each other from our phones and computers," the group says. "Many companies offer 'secure messaging' productsóbut are these systems actually secure? We decided to find out, in the first phase of a new EFF Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto."

    Source: EFF
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      SpiderManAPV -
      What criteria were used?

      Edit: not just a blank score like many ranking systems. Actually a very useful and insightful list with enough info to satisfy slightly paranoid people like me, but not so large of an abundance of technical jargon to confuse the average Joe. +1 EFF.