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  • Former Apple CEO Launches New Smartphone Brand

    CNBC is profiling the "new kid on the smartphone block."

    Meet Obi Mobiles. Now, you may not have heard of Obi before, but you have certainly heard of the man behind the new brand. He is, after all, a familiar name in Cupertino. He's ex-Apple CEO John Sculley.

    Obi was formally rolled out in Singapore yesterday as Sculley and company plan to bring Obi to the world at large. So, yes, Sculley is looking to compete with Apple, specifically by targeting a market with which Apple isn't terribly concerned.

    "With devices priced between $70 and $200, Obi aims to capture a market ignored by Apple, but served by several low-cost Chinese manufactures including Xiaomi and Lenovo: youth in emerging markets," CNBC reports.

    Interestingly, Sculley isn't the only Apple veteran on board. Obi Mobiles also employs Robert Brunner the former director of industrial design at Apple. He's also the "chief designer" behind Beats Electronics.

    "We are very focused on the younger (13 to 24 year old) consumers - many may aspire to an iPhone because it's a beautiful product, but they may not have hundreds of dollars," Sculley is quoted in the report.

    When asked what Steve Jobs would think of Obi, Sculley was forced to state the obvious: "For Steve Jobs, nothing was ever good enough. He was the toughest critic of his own work as well as anyone else's."

    Source: CNBC
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    1. iBwizzle's Avatar
      iBwizzle -
      Please be sure to include a penta-band radio chip that way I can shop for the GSM Carrier with the cheapest price.
    1. DuRoLuRo's Avatar
      DuRoLuRo -
      Wow. This guy is begging for a lawsuit. I went to the website, and it's filled to the brink with clones!
      He's copying EVERYONE! It's not even excusable, as when Samsung only copies Apple and no one else. He is copying everybody! Apple, Samsung, LG, Oppo, HTC, Nokia, Sony... Guess he simply wants to piss off as many big companies as possible :P
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Yeah go help the Fire team, they could use the help. We don't need another smartphone brand. I think the price needs to be way lower than 200 if you are targeting a younger group (13 jeeze). It still costs money to have service after all. Don't see how you're competing with a $200 on contract iphone.
    1. LeslieBee's Avatar
      LeslieBee -
      Scully will do for his new company what he did for Apple. This time however, Steve Jobs won't be around to save it. Hahaha!!