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  • iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Confirmed via Apple's iOS 8 User Guide

    In what appears to be a giant OOPSIE on Apple's part, the Cupertino-based company appears to have prematurely and inadvertently released details about two new devices dubbed the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 in the iPad User Guide for iOS 8, as first spotted by 9to5Mac Wednesday afternoon.

    Tomorrow, Thursday, October 16th, Apple will be hosting a special event where the company is expected to officially unveil these new tablets, along with some refreshed Macs and OS X Yosemite. Apple will be live-streaming the event on the Internet starting at 10 A.M. PDT, or 1 P.M. EST.

    As we can see from the user guide, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will support Touch ID, as many rumors have already prematurely confirmed. The two devices will run iOS 8 fresh off of the assembly line.

    Stay tuned!

    Sources: Apple via 9to5Mac
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Well, they look identical to the previous model. I really hope they have the curved glass edge like the iPhone 6.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      And no user guide even exists for iPod touch on iOS 8, so no leak there.
    1. JS52's Avatar
      JS52 -
      This is the first I've heard of a new iPad mini. Have there been any speculations as to what is different? I just bought a used mini with retina...
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      I'll hold off on the iPad Air 2, iOS8 = no jailbreak = not worth it for me
    1. bry2k2's Avatar
      bry2k2 -
      They didn't leak ****, theres no specs, no useful information.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Quote Originally Posted by bry2k2 View Post
      pictures confirm nothing, they could simple be place holders for products that actually exist.
      Sorry, but, what?