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  • Apple Revamps Employee Benefits, Perks

    On Thursday, Fortune produced an in-depth look at the new employee benefits and perks that accompany working with Apple.

    Although the effort serves to ostensibly bolster employee morale, rest assured Apple is also looking to the future. Perpetually trying to attract top industry talent, Apple is undoubtedly looking to appear more attractive to prospective job candidates.

    Just today, Apple's head of HR, Denise Young Smith, distributed an employee-wide memo explaining the refreshed benefits, which include longer parental leave, education reimbursements, an augmented donation-matching program, subsidized student loan refinancing, and full acceleration of stock in the case of an employee’s death.

    “I don’t think these [benefits] would be immediately thought of,” Young Smith was quoted in the Fortune report. “But for the first time we’ve probably got four generations in the workplace at the same time, and we need a plethora of programs.”

    Although two thirds of Apple employees are deemed hourly employees, Young Smith says her goal is to eventually bring these expanded benefits to the broader employee base (that means both hourly and salaried employees) around the world to the fullest extent possible.

    Source: Fortune
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