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  • Here Are Five Fixes for Some of iOS 8's Semi-annoying Features

    If you've got an iOS device running iOS 8, Apple's latest and greatest mobile operating system to date (without a jailbreak), then you might be turned off by some of the new features that don't really appeal much to you. In this post, we will show you a few of the more controversial features in iOS 8 and how to go about disabling them so you don't have to use them.

    1. Hide My Recent and Favorite Contacts in the App Switcher!

    One of the features of iOS 8 that many really aren't too sure about is the way that the App Switcher shows all of your recent or favorite contacts so that you can contact them faster. While Apple's intention here was good, not everybody wants all the extra clutter in the App Switcher, and some really don't want people seeing who their most recent or favorite contacts are every time they launch the App Switcher.

    To disable this feature, you can simply head over to your Settings application, go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, and then scroll down to the section entitled "Contacts." When you're there, you will see an option called "Show in App Switcher." If you go into this option, you can choose to enable or disable showing either recent contacts or favorite contacts, or both. Now, when you go into the App Switcher, you won't be advertising a public display of all your recent or favorite contacts anymore.

    2. Disable That Blasted Predictive Keyboard!

    Another feature in iOS 8 that some of you may like or dislike is the new predictive keyboard that Apple has built into the iOS 8 keyboard. This feature is intended to help you type faster by helping to guess the words that you type before you actually type on them. On the other hand, sometimes the predictive keyboard doesn't do that great of a job predicting, and sometimes in the time it takes to reach up and tap on that button, you could have already typed the word out. So while for some this could be a useful feature, others may find it to be useless or a nuisance.

    To disable the predictive keyboard in iOS 8, you can go to your Settings application, choose the General section, and then open the Keyboard section. From here, you can scroll down to the "All Keyboards" section and enable or disable the "Predictive" option, which will totally enable or disable the predictive keyboard when you're typing.

    If you're using a third-party keyboard like Swype or SwiftKey, you don't need this feature anyway. Turning off the predictive keyboard will also let you re-claim some of your canvas space if you don't use the predictive keyboard; so if you want to disable it, that's how you'll do it.

    3. Get Rid of That Horrible U2 Album That Apple Put in My Library

    When Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which ship with iOS 8, Apple gave everybody a free copy of U2's Songs of Innocence album. While some people like U2 and enjoy that they got a free album, others hate the band's music and wish that the nails on the chalkboard would be removed from their music library so they could get back to listening to music again.

    Now, one thing we'll note right off the bat is that the free U2 album is not an iOS 8-only feature, but because it was given to all users around the same time as iOS 8, we'll include it here since we consider it an annoying feature (or at least I do).

    To completely remove the U2 Songs of Innocence album from your iTunes account so that it will no longer appear in your songs in the cloud, or even on your device, you can head over to this link to use Apple's Songs of Innocence removal tool. Upon using the tool, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID so that Apple can hide the U2 album from your purchases history. You can undo this at any time, but since it's hidden, it will be out of your way and it won't appear in your songs in the cloud or on your iOS devices anymore.

    4. Quick Reply is Buggy in the Alert Style Notifications

    It is apparently a big deal in iOS 8 when you use alert style notifications and you use the included quick-reply feature. If you're attempting to compose a reply to someone from the Quick Reply interface when you have the alert style notifications enabled, and then another notification comes in and you tap on that one to quickly reply to it while you're already in the middle of composing another reply, the progress of your first quick reply will be deleted and your focus will be directed to the new notification instead. What this means is that you'll have to go into the application you were notified for to go back to the original notification in order to interact with it.

    This seems to be a problem that only effects those that like alert-style notifications. You can switch your notifications over to the banner style by going to the Settings application and then picking the Notifications section and then picking an application you want to receive notifications from and then under the "Alert Style When Unlocked" section, you will want to choose "Banners" instead of "Alerts." This will resolve that problem.

    Since this only seems to affect alert-style notifications, if you have banner-style notifications enabled already, you should be fine. We recommend using banners for all of your applications anyway, since they're less obtrusive.

    5. Hey Siri is Always Launching Siri on Me When I'm Charging My Device

    iOS 8 also includes a feature called 'Hey Siri,' which basically allows Siri to be invoked by your voice whenever your iOS device is hooked up to a power source. The reason Apple only allows this to work on a power source is because the listener that has to listen for the words "Hey Siri" to make Siri open up will use a lot of battery life. Since you're hooked up to a power source in this case, this won't really matter anymore.

    While the feature was intended to be for ease of use, some are finding that the device hears every little word out of everyone's mouth around you as "Hey Siri," and the device invokes Siri a lot unintentionally. And then, you have the occasional annoying child that may utter the words "Hey Siri" for the sheer amusement of hearing your device beep on the top shelf, ready to listen to commands.

    If you want to disable Hey Siri so that Siri only opens when you call on her by pressing and holding on the Home Button, you can open the Settings application and go to the General section, and then pick on the Siri section, and from here, you can disable the "Allow "Hey Siri"" option to completely disable allowing the use of voice to toggle Siri on. This feature is disabled for users by default for security purposes, but if you enabled it and forgot how to turn it off, this is how.

    You can watch our video recap of how to disable these partially controversial features below:

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    1. IGallagher's Avatar
      IGallagher -
      Thanks for the hints. I use alert style with my messages and it was causing me to lose what I would txt back. Hopefully they fix it soon.
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Wish there was something for "Recently Deleted."
    1. HighTymes's Avatar
      HighTymes -
      You can disable the predictive text by holding down of the globe(change keyboard button) for a couple seconds and the option to turn it off is there. I have mine turned off so I have more website real estate.
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zokunei View Post
      Wish there was something for "Recently Deleted."
      Me too!
    1. whatzupfool's Avatar
      whatzupfool -
      Recent contact showing on app switch was so annoying! Thanks for the tip, now my app switch looks normal and clean!
    1. talkin73's Avatar
      talkin73 -
      Like being able to get my favorites from the app switcher. Do not like alert style message problems. Thx for the tips.
    1. itouch24's Avatar
      itouch24 -
      Why wouldnt apple allow for a gesture in app switcher to close all apps running. I guess they figure ios handles the management good enough n not necessary to close all running apps. Also can't believe with iOS 8 folders don't close automatically when u launch an application.

      I wonder if bitesms could use extensions n bring their app to unjailbroken phone. With activator n bitesms I used to slide up on messaging app to call or text someone. Allot quicker then bringing up app switcher and scrolling around.
    1. scorpio02150's Avatar
      scorpio02150 -
      For me, the notification banners displayed up top tend to get "stuck" and dont disappear. This happens 8 out of 10 times, which is very annoying.
    1. Matchstic's Avatar
      Matchstic -
      Quote Originally Posted by scorpio02150 View Post
      For me, the notification banners displayed up top tend to get "stuck" and dont disappear. This happens 8 out of 10 times, which is very annoying.
      Yep, this also happens to me - pressing the home button will dismiss it instead.
    1. mrbaker1979's Avatar
      mrbaker1979 -
      I want to go to an Apple Store, stand by the iPhone's and scream "hey Siri" lol.