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  • Jack March Says Big Mac Coming in October will be a Whopper

    The "Jack March: Tech Exclusives and Opinions" blog reported Monday morning that Apple has something "big" planned for iMac next month.

    As we've all heard by now, Apple is expected to show us what's next at an October 21st media event, its final media spectacle before the 2014 holiday shopping season begins. With the Apple Watch not available in time for the holiday rush, many analysts and market watchers say the October 21st event will represent Apple's final effort to dominate the season among holiday tech shoppers.

    "A source familiar with Apple’s plans tells me that Apple is indeed planning to launch a Retina iMac at their next press event," March writes today, "however the 27″ Model will be the only model that gets this feature."

    Impressively, March notes, the refreshed 27″ iMac will use a 5120 x 2880 panel, delivering resolution doubling the current resolution of the 27″ iMac (2560×1440). To read more about the suspected features of the new iMac, check out Jack's blog entry here.

    Unfortunately, the same source says with absolute certainty that the 21.5″ model will not get a Retina display (and so the 1920×1080 resolution won't change either).

    Source: Jack March
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    1. bry2k2's Avatar
      bry2k2 -
      And the award for worst headline in an article goes to ...
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      hopefully they'll make this available in their extrenal display too.

      Question: will I be able to scale up the display to a level I can comfortably view it from a distance without destroying the usefulness of the high resolution? Will it do whatever synamic scaling goes on in iOS to maintain the integirty of what is being displayed?
    1. baffled42's Avatar
      baffled42 -
      In the 6 years I've been reading this site, I have never commented. But this headline, Bravo.
    1. nakedcrook's Avatar
      nakedcrook -
      Let me guess...

      "The next big thing is here?"

      I find it ironic that Apple can push such enormous resolutions on their iMacs...but fail to do so on their smartphones. Meh, oh well...It will look nice either way. Good for the iMacs...bad for the credit cards.