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  • Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week September 15th - September 21st [Video]

    It has been a really busy week this week with all of the buzz about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and even iOS 8, but the jailbreak community is still kicking along for those on iOS 7.

    This recap will go over the best jailbreak tweaks that we've shown you this week. It's certainly not all of them, but we think these are some of the most worthy of recognition out of what we have been able to show you this week. These are in no specific order, and they're all compatible with the Pangu version 1.2.1 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x.

    1. Tinct 99

    Tinct is an awesome new jailbreak tweak that lets you colorize the iOS 7 interface. You can tint the Notification Center, Control Center, volume HUD, SpotLight, keyboard, Status Bar, Action Sheet, and navigation pane interfaces any color that you want. You can even tint the individual text colors, and much more. You can read more about Tinct at our full review at this link. Check it out!

    2. Safari Full URL

    Another cool tweak that was released this week is Safari Full URL, which forces the URL bar in Mobile Safari to display the full URL for a Web site instead of just a non-detailed Web site name. This will help you in knowing that you're on the proper site and not some scam site, as well as just keep you informed of where you really are. You can read our full review of Safari Full URL at this link.

    3. Cou

    Also worth checking out is a new free jailbreak tweak called Cou, which makes it so that even on the Lock Screen of your iOS 7 device, you will get answer and decline touch buttons instead of a slide to answer slider. This is a convenience and luxury tweak for iPhone users, and will feel much better to use than having to use a hardware button, which are notorious for breaking. You can read our full review of Cou at this link.

    4. Shy Page Dots

    For those that enjoy customization, Shy Page Dots is a nice aesthetic tweak that was released this week for iOS 7 that makes your Home Screen page dots only appear when they need to be used. When you start swiping through your Home Screen pages, they will appear, and then they will disappear again a few seconds after you finish. You can read our full review of Shy Page Dots at this link.

    5. CustomVolumeStep

    Lastly, CustomVolumeStep is another awesome tweak released this week that allows you to choose the step level of adjusting the volume on your iOS device. For example, you can have your volume buttons adjust the volume level by anywhere from 1 to 16 steps, making it faster than ever to adjust your volume with fewer button clicks. You can read our full review of CustomVolumeStep at this link.

    Stay tuned for our next edition of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week next week - only on ModMyi!

    If you missed our previous edition of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week, you can view it from this link.
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    1. Charun's Avatar
      Charun -
      Shy Page Dots this you can do with springtomize too cheers
      and tinct is a really awesome tweak love it
    1. misterjrw's Avatar
      misterjrw -
      Tinct keeps crashing any app with the airplay icon. I've tried to airplay stuff from Netflix app, Wuaki TV app, and apps crash back to springboard. Turn off tinct and all is well!! Emailing dev tomorrow.
    1. tungpr123's Avatar
      tungpr123 -
    1. mondaykiz's Avatar
      mondaykiz -
      I hope a tweak make widgets in ios8 for ios7 guys
    1. jflo9681's Avatar
      jflo9681 -
      Is Cou working for anyone? Not working on my end. :/ Help please.

      Running: 7.0.6
    1. StaceyMJ86's Avatar
      StaceyMJ86 -
      It's working for me on 7.1.2