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  • First iOS 4 vs. Windows 7 Browser Speed Test
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffsMteF6Ktk]YouTube - iPhone 3GS vs Windows Phone 7 - Browser Speed test[/ame]

    An Israeli site did the first side-by-side test (Google Translate) of web browsing, using Mobile Safari on an iPhone running iOS 4 and Mobile IE on a Samsung phone running the new Windows Phone 7. The result, somewhat surprisingly, is that the older iPhone absolutely mops the floor with the new WinMo device, though there's lots we don't know about how the test was set up. In any case, it's not the best news for Microsoft, which has been a day late and a dollar short since the beginning of the smartphone era.

    Windows Phone 7 is the update - due before the holiday season this year - to Microsoft's Windows Mobile series of operating systems. Like the Zune HD, it's based on the Windows CE 6.0 operating system. The currently-shipping version of Windows Mobile, on the other hand, is based on Windows CE 5. The Windows Mobile series has been slow to adopt many smartphone features - such as touch, which was only fully supported in the stopgap WinMo 6.5 released last year - and the company has been playing catch-up. Microsoft has been handing out a bunch of Samsung "Taylor" phones to media outlets to try and generate some pre-release buzz for their new mobile OS. The phone is supposedly built on the same hardware platform as the Samsung i8910HD and so - with an ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and 256MB RAM - it's about feature-equivalent with the iPhone 3GS. However, iOS 4 was designed for the more powerful iPhone 4 and iPad, so it was probably thought that it gave the Windows Mobile phone a bit of an advantage.

    Well, no.

    Pageloads on the Samsung were notably - painfully - slower than on the iPhone. Some pages take ten seconds longer to load on the WinMo phone, which is like watching paint dry on the video. The test - which was done using 3G rather than WiFi networking, was presumably done over the same network, otherwise it was hardly fair. However, there's no information in the article to explain those details (though the translation is exceptionally bad). It's important to note that Engadget's test of the same phone and OS showed results "just a hair slower than an iPhone 4," so there may well be some inconsistency in the way the tests were set up.

    WinMo will doubtless be able to run on faster hardware upon release, and there's probably some speedups that they'll be able to do between now and the final version. So there's no way to call the fight over, with production devices not expected until the end of this year. As for now, though, the first round apparently goes to the iPhone.

    Video via NewsGeek.il
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