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  • New Apple-owned TestFlight App Goes Live in the iOS App Store

    Apple has officially released the TestFlight application in the iOS App Store under its own name on Tuesday. Apple acquired TestFlight back in February of this year.

    TestFlight is an application for developers and beta testers. Developers can use this application in order to have beta testers try out pre-release versions of iOS applications before they are ready to go live in the iOS App Store. Beta testers will be notified of application updates through the TestFlight application and can install them directly from the TestFlight application without needing to go through the App Store.

    TestFlight will allow developers to tell beta testers what they need to test, as well as allow the beta testers to give the developers feedback on the application in regards to what works and what doesn't to make bug troubleshooting easier.

    To become a beta tester for a developer, the developer must send you an invitation and you must accept the invitation. There are expiration dates for when you can install beta updates, so you'll want to keep your eyes peeled if you're a beta tester for a developer.

    To start testing:

    All an app developer needs is your email address to send you an invitation
    Accept the invitation and install the prerelease build of the app
    The TestFlight app will notify you when new prerelease builds are available
    To update to the latest build and keep testing, simply tap Update

    Developers can invite TestFlight Beta Testers on the iTunes Connect website:

    Create a versions of your app and upload new builds
    Choose which prerelease version of your app you wish to release to testers
    Invite new testers by simply providing their email address
    If you want to grab Apple's new TestFlight application, it's available for free right now from this App Store link.

    The timing couldn't have been more perfect, as Apple is now beginning to ask developers to submit their iOS 8-ready applications to the App Store for review.

    Sources: App Store via iClarified
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