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  • Google Releases Slides and Updates Docs and Sheets to Improve its Productivity Suite

    Google recently improved its iOS productivity suite by releasing its presentation app, Slides, while updating the existing Docs and Sheets iOS apps. By releasing Slides and updating Docs and Sheets, Google is offering an improved and free web-connected alternative to similar productivity suites from other tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft.

    The new app, Google Slides, joins the word processor and spreadsheet solution, Google Docs and Sheets respectively, to complete the trio of productivity apps seen in suites like Apple’s iWork and Microsoft’s Office. Google notes that Slides allows users to create, edit and collaborate on presentations directly from any compatible iOS device. Along with the ability to create on-device content, the free app connects to Google’s cloud for web-based editing and sharing across multiple platforms.

    As mentioned before, Google also released updates for Docs and Sheets, both expanding support for files that come out from Microsoft. The updated Docs app lets users open, edit and save files from Microsoft Word while the new Sheets app can now do the same with Microsoft Excel files. Those who use Google’s spreadsheet can also view charts, insert formulas and use find/replace tools as well.

    Those of you interested in downloading either of the apps can do so from the App Store, just hit the appropriate source link below.

    Source: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides via AppleInsider
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