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  • Parallels Desktop 10 Now Available for Existing Users, Out to New Users August 26th

    On Wednesday, Parallels announced the launch of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac OS X. The popular Parallels Mac OS X software competes heavily with VMWare Fusion and is used for running virtual machines. Many use the software as a means of running Windows and other operating systems on their Macs for their personal needs.

    Parallels Desktop 10 comes with support for the upcoming OS X Yosemite, which will be launching to the public this Fall, and is currently in the state of Developer Preview 6 for initial testing of stability before a general public release.

    According to Parallels Desktop 10's press release, the new software even comes with some impressive performance enhancements:

    • Users can now open Windows documents up to 48 percent faster
    • Battery life is extended by up to 30 percent giving people additional work time when they need it most
    • Virtual machines use up to 10 percent less Mac memory
    • New virtual machines with default settings launch Office 2013 applications up to 50 percent faster
    • Virtual machine only takes as much disk space on the Mac hard drive as it needs. Real-time optimization automatically compacts virtual disk eliminating the need for periodic manual compacts.
    • Free Disk Space Wizard allows to review and clean up space used by Parallels Desktop and Virtual Machines
    There are a slew of new features to be read about too, so if you're interested in the full list, you can visit Parallel's Web site at this link.

    Parallels Desktop 10 is available for existing Parallels Desktop users starting today (August 20th); however, those who do not own Parallels Desktop yet will have to wait until August 26th to download and begin using the new Parallels Desktop 10. Those upgrading from an older version of Parallels Desktop will have to pay $49.99 for the virtual machine software, while purchasing the software new will be $79.99 for the general public and $39.99 for any students. The Parallels Desktop 10 upgrade is available right now on Parallels Web site at this link.

    Sources: Parallels
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    1. SinfullyInked's Avatar
      SinfullyInked -
      Sticking with VM Ware. But this is still a nice program .
    1. sami4021's Avatar
      sami4021 -
      Just upgraded.
    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      I've tried VMware and I wasn't a fan. I didn't give it a fare shot though either...so that's a biased opinion. I may upgrade but I'm satisfied with version 9 for now.
    1. Pir8pete's Avatar
      Pir8pete -
      and there's already a dl link w/ serial avail. lol

      @therandy whats with the self shot, your not in grade school are you?