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  • Gruber Says 'iWatch' Will Debut in September

    Here's a hot rumor to keep things interesting over the weekend.

    Veteran industry insider John Gruber -- a man who does not share rumors with reckless abandon -- just dropped a bombshell in a very casual fashion.

    On Friday, in a post about a Moto 360 Smartwatch, Gruber revealed that Apple's long-awaited smartwatch is poised to be unveiled much sooner than most expect.

    "It looks like Motorola's designers tried to draw as much attention as they could to the 360's stupid flat-tire display shape," Gruber writes. "The only way this could get funnier would be if it doesn't even ship until after Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month."

    Although that's the extent of the admission -- Apple will announce its "wrist wearable thing" in September -- the tech blogosphere is now buzzing, as the vast majority of industry watchers were expecting an October or November iWatch reveal.

    Only time will tell just how accurate Gruber is telling time with regard to the iWatch's arrival. But expectations have definitely been heightened.

    Source: Daring Fireball
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    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      I don't care who it is LOL, until Apple is on the stage and says "Here it is!" Its just a rumor. LOL
    1. peacedog's Avatar
      peacedog -
      After seeing the Moto 360 design, Apple will have to pull out something incredible. The rare chance that I decide to buy a smartwatch, I want it to look like a watch, not a mini smartphone on my wrist.