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  • Bloomberg: Apple's Buybacks Appear to be the Biggest Since 1998

    According to Bloomberg, data shows that Apple has had the highest returns in buybacks compared to any other company in more than 10 years. The companies that make up the S&P 500 have repurchased roughly $211 billion of their own shares, each of which have had mixed results. Companies like Microsoft ended up spending $3 billion and rising 16% whereas others like LyondellBasell spent roughly the same and saw a 35% increase. Other giants such as Boeing, eBay and Exxon Mobil saw falling shares.

    The data shows the iPhone-maker’s buybacks as being highly profitable pointing towards the last 15 months where Apple stocks increased 77% and 25% since the buyback in 2013 totaling $18 billion.

    Those are the highest four-month returns among the 20 biggest quarterly repurchases by any company since 1998, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Standard & Poor’s. S&P 500 constituents have spent $211 billion on their own stock this year amid concern the five-year bull market is prone to selloffs such as last week’s 2.7 percent retreat.
    Bloomberg continued by noting that “the ratio of Apple’s per-share profit growth to its overall earnings has increased due to buybacks.”

    So props to Apple being the only company earning so much in buybacks when all other companies experienced falling shares.

    Source: Bloomberg
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