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  • Apple Releases "Dreams," Another App-Focused iPhone 5S Ad

    Apple recently unveiled its latest television advertisement, “Dreams,” which boasts the iPhone 5S’ versatility. It does this by showcasing the wide range of third-party apps and accessories that are compatible with the device being used in various instances. The Cupertino California company uses short vignettes to focus capture the viewer’s attention and point it towards the many different ways people use the iPhone rather than the device itself.

    The advertisement is set to the tune of Jennifer O’Connor’s When I Grow Up. The first vignette opens up with two college students using the iPhone to help capture the weather data. The second vignette showcases a woman using iPhone 5S’ camera and an accessory as a magnifying glass to aid in setting a stone into a piece of jewelry.

    Another vignette shows a local fire department using Response Deck to respond to an emergency call. It cuts to a doctor using the iPhone to help translate and ask for a mother’s permission to check her child’s pulse. The scenes just continue to various professions with each utilizing the app in their own special way. These included a veterinarian, a pilot, a scientist, and an artist.

    The “Dreams” ad is the fourth spotlight in the campaign that Apple started in April. The ad is a subtle way to highlight the pros of Apple’s iPhone and it appears to be quite successful at doing that.

    What did you guys think of the spotlight?

    Source: Apple (YouTube)
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