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  • Apple Names Assassin's Creed Pirates Game as the App Store's App of the Week

    Every week, Apple ritualistically chooses a new iOS App Store application to be named the 'App of the Week.' It's an application that the Cupertino-based company deems worthy of recognition, and to help spread the word about it, Apple makes the application free in the App Store all week long. If you remember, last week's App of the Week was the popular Day One journal and diary application.

    This week, Apple is naming a popular game called Assassin's Creed Pirates as the App Store's App of the Week. Usually $4.99, and now free for a limited time, this game places you in the worn boots of a Caribbean pirate. You'll manage your own crew and ship and you'll get yourself involved in plenty of skirmishes with other pirate fleets all over the sea.

    There are over 50 missions to play, and over 100 treasures to find while on your pirating adventure.

    This game is optimized the best for iPhone 5 and later devices, so if you're using anything older, you might experience choppy graphics and game play. On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that the game is universal and can be played on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

    If you want to grab this game while it's free, you can head over to this App Store link.

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    1. dwizurd's Avatar
      dwizurd -
      Cool game, but crashing like crazy on 5s 7.1.2 but heck, free is free

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    1. znbl's Avatar
      znbl -
      Tried it, it's a nice game, though a better title would likely have been Pirates of the Caribbean: The Game.
    1. dannyrocket's Avatar
      dannyrocket -
      Fun game.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      This app won't go past the Ubisoft logo on my ipod. Should I just redownload or something?
    1. dwizurd's Avatar
      dwizurd -
      I reinstalled through my computer and haven't had any issues since. Pretty enjoyable game

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