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  • iPhone Modified into TelePrompter

    At MMi, we see all sorts of cool, innovative modified functionalities for the iPhone and iPod touch. And while some are certainly more practical than others, the ability to transform your smartphone into a surprisingly sophisticated teleprompter is certainly worth an honorable mention.

    Whether you're making a speech at school or delivering a nationally televised address (not that many of us do that sort of thing on a regular basis), consider yourself free from the nagging burdens of memorization before your next public remarks. Introducing "Prompt-It," the iPhone teleprompter that, when placed in front of a camcorder or webcam, serves as a full-fledged teleprompter just like the pros use.

    According to the manufacturer, Prompt-It serves up a small slab of the same "beamsplitter" glass used in professional teleprompters. What this accomplishes is the ability for a camera's lens to see you without capturing the scrolling text of your speech. It's HD compatible and high grade optical quality.

    The Prompt-it is designed to be set up in under 2 minutes, and it all "clicks" together easily.
    For $130, the set-up can be a lifesaver for the avid public speaker. That fee, however, doesn't factor in the iPhone app that you'll need to scroll the text. Of course, you can always get the recommended ProPrompter app for $10 and have a complete set up, one that allows you to manually control the speed at which the text advances or establish an automatic, timed pace.

    Images via Prompt-it
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