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  • Gameloft: Modern Combat 5: Blackout FPS Game for iOS Set to be Released on July 24th

    We have been keeping you updated on the progress of the highly-anticipated Modern Combat 5: Blackout first-person shooter game for the iOS platform by Gameloft. The game has been teased since last year, and the game developers have been releasing more and more information about the upcoming game as time goes on. Unfortunately, they haven't given us much of an ETA for when to expect the game.

    On Wednesday morning, however, Gameloft announced officially via their Twitter account that Modern Combat 5: Blackout was set to drop into the iOS App Store on July 24th for all iOS devices the iPhone, the iPod touch, and also the iPad.

    The game is going to offer both a single player campaign mode, as well as an online multi-player mode to give the player as much game time as possible. The storyline of the game will take place in Venice, Italy and the player will need to neutralize terrorists. The player will also have to travel to Tokyo where it will be necessary to convince his or her allies to accept an uncomfortable secret.

    As always, we can expect amazing graphics, amazing game play, and a variety of different weapons and vehicles that the player will have access to throughout the game.

    We will continue to keep you updated as more information about the game surfaces. You can watch the game's video trailer below:

    Sources: Gameloft
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