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  • Apple's iPhone Dominates UK Smartphone Web Traffic

    According to a new study by Chitika, Apple’s iPhones make up 48.9% of the U.K’s smartphone based web traffic in Q2. Samsung came in second representing 22.8% with Blackberry rounding out in third representing 16.8%. The remaining percentage included Google, Nokia, HTC, and Motorola devices. This is disappointing news for Samsung as they came closer to Blackberry’s 16.8% as opposed to Apple’s 48.9%, and because they’ve recently invested heavily in marketing their devices in the U.K.

    The Korean-based company even went as far as ‘rebranding’ Terminal 5 in London’s Heathrow Airport to promote their recent Galaxy S. Reports released by Cult of Mac noted that Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c outsold the Galaxy S5 in May, with May marking just the first month the device went on sale in the U.K. Chitika noted that the growth of Apple's iPhone dominance won't be going down anytime soon:

    With one or more new iPhone models on the horizon for this fall, it’s highly probable that Apple will retain its near-fifty percent usage share at year’s end. The launch of the previous models in 2013 were particularly well received in the UK, and there’s little reason to believe that the response will ebb substantially this time around.
    Source: Chitika
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